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    living end


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    living end Empty living end

    Post  JohnJackson on Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:11 pm

    The deck you've all probably mocked, now available for less than the price of two goyfs!

    3 living end
    4 deadshot minotaur
    4 monstrous carabid
    4 street wraith
    4 valley rannet
    2 jungle weaver
    4 violet outburst
    4 demonic dread
    4 bloodbraid elf
    4 fulminator mage
    4 ingot chewer

    1 gemstone caverns
    1 blood crypt
    1 stomping ground
    1 overgrown tomb
    4 verdant catacomb
    1 scalding tarn
    1 arid mesa
    4 mountain
    3 swamp
    2 forest

    4 leyline of the void
    4 shriekmaw
    3 maelstrom pulse
    2 vexing shusher
    1 yixlid jailer
    1 night of souls' betrayal

    So this list differs from the stock in the sideboard and by trimming 2 jungle weavers and 2 maindeck hate cards for 4 more cascadey beaters. It ups your resiliency to discard and improves your control matchup by having a cascade spell that actually matters as a spell. Any aggro deck crumbles before you, elves has to combo fast to keep from just getting rocked, and DDT can't win if you ever cast fulminator mage. Bant and Faeries are piss poor for you (hopefully you cascade into a shusher before they have both removal and a counterspell), but no one is playing them. Hivemind is a race that favors them, but hopefully you shouldn't face them after good decks have shifted their way up the swiss. Dredge often ends up being a cripple fight and you probably have to take both games 2 & 3, but your 1 land, leyline, 3 other card hand is often much better than their 5 carder with leyline.

    SB things worth noting (the non-intuitive stuff):

    Valley Rannet and the 1 mana cyclers should never come out. Jungle weavers and street wraiths are much more expendable than either.

    If you think they might blank some of your living ends using leyline of the void, it can be right to pull 1 of them. This is most noteworthy in the dredge matchup where you also want to increase your odds that a cascade will hit Yixlid Jailer.

    If you're bringing in Maelstrom Pulses and leaving in Fulminator Mages, it is often right to trim down on the number of Bloodbraid Elf since they'll be closer to 50/50 for hitting Living End. This is most relevant against something like Doran Rock that can have Leyline and can also pack tarmogoyf to make BBE a poor beater.

    Shriekmaw is most important against decks bringing in Meddling Mage and typically just does a MB/SB swap with Ingot Chewers. If you smell Ethersworn Canonist, though, find something else to side out.

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    living end Empty Re: living end

    Post  Chris on Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:16 pm

    This deck is the real deal. It isn't that hot against fae or uw thopter though. I'm not saying its correct or not but the sideboard plan of swapping hypergenisis for living end can also be pretty effective when your opponent brings in a bunch of graveyard hate.

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