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    Post  jdoucette24 on Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:43 am

    Here's another standard list. There are many ways to build the deck but im looking at this one right now.

    4 elite vanguard
    4 steppe lynx
    4 kor skyfisher
    4 kazandu blademaster
    4 white knight
    4 conqueror's pledge

    4 path to exile
    4 honor of the pure
    4 brave the elements

    12 plains
    4 arid mesa
    4 marsh flats
    4 dread statuary

    4 luminarch ascension
    4 devout lightcaster
    4 kor firewalker
    3 harms way

    basically i feel that steppe lynx benefits with playing more lands. also i have always wanted to play conqueror's pledge as it is such a monster. the rest is pretty straight forward. luminarch ascension seems ridiculous against the UW control deck that only has o-ring as an out I believe

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