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    Standard Jund


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    Standard Jund - Page 2 Empty Re: Standard Jund

    Post  Winterhalter on Sun May 09, 2010 6:42 pm

    JohnJackson wrote:You've got to have all your removal (especially instant speed removal). Cut your high drops to do it, because after turn 4 or so, you've got to hold up removal or they threaten to just win.

    Yah, this is correct. You want as much removal as possible.

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    Standard Jund - Page 2 Empty Re: Standard Jund

    Post  jdoucette24 on Tue May 11, 2010 9:02 am

    i feel strongly about these cards and card numbers in the main. im unwilling to change these

    4 leech
    4 thrniax
    4 bbe
    3 siege gang
    3 broodmate

    4 bolt
    4 blightning
    3 pulse
    3 terminate

    4 s. lands
    4 catacomb
    4 ravine
    3 summit
    1 reaches
    3 mountain
    3 forest
    3 swamp

    so that is 32 spells and 25 lands set in stone IMO, which leaves me not much room for change. now, a lot of us have been advocating playing 27 lands and for some reason i have issue with this. 26 "feels right to me" but i also kind of want something that ramps a little. currently, my 26th land is a Rootbound Crag and that has worked well, but oran rief seems like a great way to make thrinax and bbe able to break through wall of omens. Garruk seems like a good answer to the ramping issue but at the same time, 3/3s just arent what they used to be and im not sure garruk is the answer it once was against control.

    additionally, i kind of want to do something a little spicy and sarkhan the mad seems like a fun little guy. opinions of this angry planeswalker? he can do some busted stuff but he requires you to already have a lot going for you

    as far as the sideboard goes, i feel like these are set in stone for me

    4 duress
    3 bloodwitch
    2 grim discovery
    2 doomblade

    i choose doomblade for its instant speed and ability to get rid of firewalker (some people still think this is good tech against jund). doom blade can also be a little easier to cast then terminate, especially with so many spreading seas floating around.

    but the real debate amoungst the team seems to be about ruinblaster. conventional wisdom has suggested this guy is good against control decks and the mirror. while a 2/1 haste for 4 is not good, it is still a relevant spell attached to a body (which we have learned is always good). a big knock on ruin blaster is its weakness on the draw in the mirror. cause if you get ruinblasted first, it can usually just be GG.

    so right now im leaning towards playing the one Sarkhan and 27 lands with the last 2 being an oran rief and rootbound crag. thought and criticism are welcome

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